Infrequent: I do not blog much. Besides, there are many excellent functional programming blogs already. I will commit a post if something really bugs me or I feel very passionate about a topic that is not otherwise covered by people smarted than me
It will be about programming, most likely functional programming.

Pragmatic: My interests are in software maintainability and correctness. These can easily get very theoretical but the underlying pragmatic benefits and challenges is what interests me.

blog = do 
    liftIO $ threadDelay veryLongTime1
    ideas <- ask @PriorityQueue
    a <- peek @Annoyance ideas
    liftIO $ threadDelay veryLongTime2
    file <- writeBlog a 
    liftIO $ threadDelay sleepOnIt 
    publish file


About me: I work for Juris-Futura, Holland and Hart Innovation Lab as a Haskell Developer (hooray!) on a quite large Haskell code base that deals with lots of unstructured data.
I have a long history of mainstream programming work, mostly using Java and friends (Groovy, JS, C#, …).
My pet projects use Haskell and friends (Idris, Purescript, Elm, Scalaz, …).
Before becoming a developer, I have done research work in mathematics in areas related to nonlinear analysis.
I like outdoor activities, skiing in particular.